Subcortical: Story Collection


Available from Johns Hopkins University Press, IndieBound and Amazon

“Lee Conell’s stories are structurally masterful. With their knowledge of diverse work, regions, and backgrounds, these stories comprise a tremendous portrait of the way we live now. Conell’s theme is curiosity itself, and she goes to unexpected narrative places, lets differences collide, and keeps her readers on their toes. Did I neglect to say she is also very funny? Subcortical is a brilliant collection.”

Lorrie Moore, author of Bark

“Lee Conell’s stories possess a warmth, depth and humor much needed in our times. Subcortical is a terrific debut.”

Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask

“Lee Conell’s Subcortical is one of the most incredible debut collections that I’ve ever read. I cannot overstate how mesmerized and cracked open I was by the precision of each story, how Conell links the exterior and interior worlds of her characters in such a way that every sentence feels life-affirming. These stories are overflowing with strange beauty, such weirdness and truth. Conell has made something perfect.”

Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang

“Bright and appealing studies of mothers and daughters, alongside ventures of the young into the terra incognita of work and love. With a fresh, direct voice, Lee Conell tracks the lives of others with warmth and imagination.”

Jean McGarry, author of Ocean State

Subcortical is a marvel. In these remarkable stories, Lee Conell pulls off the masks we wear to hide from ourselves and each other, and she explores—with nuance, insight, humor, and deep heart—what science rarely does: the magic and mystery of being human. This a writer to read, to watch, to follow from one beautiful book to the next.”

Bret Anthony Johnston, author of Remember Me Like This

“Lee Conell’s stories are equal parts whimsy, nerve, genius, heart, steely eyes and sharp teeth. One of my all-time favorites lives inside this wonderful book. I’m not going to tell you which one —take your time and choose one of your own. Trust me: It’s in here.”

Tony Earley, author of Mr. Tall